Funeral pre-arrangements

Plan your funeral arrangements and rest in peace

Nobody wants to think about his death before it occurs. Planning your funeral and necessary services however, is a responsible and dedicated act that will reduce the stress on your grieving loved ones. It is easy to understand why planning your funeral pre-arrangements can comfort the people you leave behind and make sure your last wishes are respected.

Why planning your funeral pre-arrangements while you are still alive

1- Évitez de laisser un fardeau financier à vos proches
Just as estate planning and the creation of a will are responsible acts, it is emotionally and financially logical to plan your arrangements in order to remove the heavy burden that you will leave to your loved ones when organizing your funeral.

2- Free your family from uncertainties
When planning your funeral and cemetery or cremation services, you are relieving your family of making tough decisions through an already difficult time. If your wishes are already known, your relatives will not have to guess what you would have liked.

3- Customize your service
Planning your arrangements allows you to choose all the details of your funeral, including songs, readings or other personal wishes that are important to you. These are your funeral, and they must celebrate your life.

4- Fix your prices today
If you choose to fund your funeral pre-arrangements, you will be able to secure the products and services prices that will likely be more expensive in the future. It is important to do business with a professional to better understand the options available to you.

5- Avoid emotional expenses
If you want to make sure that your wishes are respected or if you want to prevent your family for having to make tough decisions when grieving, planning your arrangements is an important responsibility and one of the greatest gifts you can give to your relatives.

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