When death occurs


When death occurs

If incineration is the option chosen through previous arrangements or death of a relative, we can offer you various options that will meet your vision and your needs. The Complexe funéraire Roy has a columbarium to welcome the funeral urns and opens its doors for all your moments of contemplation. We also offer a selection of funeral urns for all tastes and budgets.

When death occurs, you may choose between two options.


Transportation of the deceased and the cremation container

Incineration and production of the death certificate

Return of the ashes at home and meeting with the family to conclude the arrangements (no further visit to the funeral home is necessary)


Transportation of the deceased and the cremation container


Family meeting at home, funeral arrangements

Exhibition and burial of the deceased

If your choice of disposition is rather a burial, we offer a complete service, from the exhibition to the burial in the cemetery. Also, inquire about our selection of funeral products and reception options.


Transportation of the deceased
Thanatopraxia (embalming)
Thanatology service
Meeting at your home to establish the reception planning and the purchase of the casket
Exhibition in the reception hall of the Complexe funéraire Roy
Service at the chapel in the funeral home

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